updated : 2019-10-21


Renting a car is not a new service, but taking into account modern technical innovations, it undergoes changes in the approach to choosing both a rental company and a car.

If you decide to rent a car, then you should know the nuances of rental and consider them. This will help you not only save money, but also choose the most suitable car.

1. Decide what you need a car for.

If you need a car for a trip to a celebration or a business meeting, then you should choose a business class car. If you are going to drive around the city and save on fuel consumption - choose an economy class car, and for trips over long distances it might be better for you to rent an SUV. The right choice of car will make your trip comfortable.

2. Book your car in advance.

From year to year, people understand that you can not be the owner of the car, but use joint management, simply saying sharing (from the English. Share-share), or in this case, rental. In this regard, the demand for rental and car rental is increasing worldwide.

In the warm season, the demand for car rental increases significantly. In the season of mass holidays and vacations, tourists come to our cities who want to visit interesting places in Belarus and be absolutely free in their movements around the country. During various international sporting events and celebrations, the need for rented cars also increases dramatically. If you need a car during the period of greatest demand for rental cars, then try to book a car in advance in the rental company so that you do not have to rent expensive or be content with what remains.

3. Review the car rental conditions.

Be sure to read the rental conditions on the website of the rental company and immediately upon receipt of the car. Get information on issues of interest so that you do not have to pay additional fees and fines.

4. Decide on the rental period.

If you book and rent a car first for one day, and then extend the rental for another one, you can spend extra money. It is more profitable to rent a car immediately for two days or a longer period. Knowing the pricing policy of rental companies will save you money.

5. Get acquainted with the cost of additional services, equipment and insurance.

Check out the list of additional services, equipment and insurance on the rental company website. This will help you make the right choice, not to forget anything and be calm not only during the rental, but also when returning the rental car. Think in advance what services and equipment you will need during your trip and book.

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