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Offer - this document, public contract. The publication (placement) of the text of the public contract on the website is a public offer (offer̆) addressed to a wide range of people with the aim of providing certain types of services (Clause 2 of Article 407 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus). A fact confirming the conclusion of a public contract by the Customer of services is its payment - acceptance (clause 3 of article 408 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus).

Acceptance of an offer - full and unconditional acceptance of the Offer through the implementation of actions̆ specified in clause 3.3. actual agreement. Acceptance of the Offer creates a contract.

MyRentAuto - a vehicle sharing service

Website - website

Service - MyRentAuto booking service, posted on the Site.

Client - an individual making a reservation for rental vehicles using the Service.

Provider, Service Provider - a person providing the Client with car rental services and additional services related to the rental of these vehicles.

Suppliers Services - vehicle rental services and additional services related to the rental of these vehicles.

Agreement, this agreement - this agreement, as well as any other materials on the Site and (or) indicated in the confirmations, terms, conditions, which are integral parts of this agreement.


The publication of the text of this Agreement on the website is a public offer (offer̆) of the Contractor - individual entrepreneur Pavlov Oleg Viktorovich (registered by the decision of the Minsk City Executive Committee of 10.07.2019 193279993), addressed to an indefinite number of persons to conclude this Agreement (p .2. Art.407 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus) on the conditions indicated below.

This Agreement, subject to compliance with the procedure for its payment, is considered concluded in simple written form (clause 2, clause 3 of article 404 and clause 3 of article 408 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus) and, accordingly, does not require paperwork and has full legal force.

The contract is concluded by the acceptance of the offer by the Client, the written form of the contract is considered complied with.

The Agreement and applications, which are its integral part, are posted on the Internet on the Site and are obligatory provided to the Client for review when booking and (or) are sent to the Client by electronic and other forms of communication.

The full and unconditional acceptance of the offer is the implementation by the Client of any actions to fulfill the conditions of the contract specified in the offer, including, but not limited to: booking services and (or) making full or partial payment under the contract.

An offer may be withdrawn by at any time prior to its acceptance.


1.1. MyRentAuto Service provides the Client with services to provide access to the Vehicle rental reservation service, to search for Service Providers using the Service, and to form the Client's application using the Service. Customer agrees to pay for MyRentAuto services and Service Providers.

1.2. In order to fulfill this agreement, when fulfilling a Customer’s task, MyRentAuto service provides the following services:

1.3. MyRentAuto service is responsible for the fulfillment of the obligations specified in clause 1.2. of the contract, however, is not responsible for the actions (inaction) of the Suppliers, failure to fulfill (improper performance) of obligations by the Suppliers, and is also not responsible for any damage or harm caused by the Suppliers.

1.4. The service is provided "As is". MyRentAuto Service takes actions aimed at the stable operation of the service, however, it is not responsible for service failures for reasons beyond the control of the service.


2. 1. MyRentAuto service is required to:

2.1.1. Provide suppliers with the opportunity to post information on services with a description and terms of their provision on the MyRentAuto website. Prior to making a reservation, the Client undertakes to get acquainted with the specified information.

2.1.2. Provide the Customer with the opportunity to search and book the services of the Providers using the Service.

2.1.3. Provide on the Service website the ability to book and pay for the services of Suppliers.

2.1.4. Check if the client has the necessary permissions to drive vehicles by examining the scans of permissions to drive vehicles placed by the Clients in the personal account.


2. 2. The client is obliged:


2.2.1. Familiarize yourself with the terms of the contract, with the terms of the Service and with information about the services of the Suppliers before booking these services.

2.2.2. Indicate reliable and accurate data about the Client, data for communication with the Client - including: email address, phone, as well as any other information required by the service.

2.2.3. Have the necessary permissions to drive a vehicle in the country where the services are provided.

2.2.4. Pay for MyRentAuto services and the services of Suppliers in the manner and terms established by this Agreement.

2.2.5. Use the Service only for booking services, do not use the Service in ways that violate the law or in ways that can cause damage to MyRentAuto service, to Suppliers or third parties.




3.1. The Client gets acquainted with the terms of the contract and with the conditions for using the Service, with the description and conditions for the provision of the Providers' services on the Site, as well as with any other information necessary for booking and providing the services.

3.2. After receiving the necessary and reliable information, the Client makes a reservation of the Providers' services using the Service.

3.3. When booking services, the Client makes an advance payment in the amount indicated on the Site. Prepayment is made using payment cards or other methods established by MyRentAuto. The costs associated with the use of the payment service and payment systems are borne by the Client.

3.4. The Customer’s obligation to pay is considered fulfilled from the moment the funds are credited to the account of the payee.

3.5. After booking the services and making an advance payment, the Client will receive a confirmation of the booking of services to the e-mail address indicated by him.

3.6. The rest of the payment is usually made by the Client directly to the Service Provider at the time of receipt of the vehicle. Payment is made by the methods established by the Service Providers.

3.7. MyRentAuto Service is not responsible for issues related to payment features established by payment systems or Service Providers, as well as for any issues related to the payment of their services to Suppliers. At the same time, MyRentAuto Service is entitled (but not obligated) to provide the Client with the necessary organizational assistance.

3.8. The cost of MyRentAuto Service services is determined by the terms of contracts with Service Providers and is included in the total price of the contract paid by the Client.



4.1. In order to refuse services, the Client undertakes to activate the “Cancel” button in the order card and send an e-mail with confirmation of the reservation refusal and the subject of the letter “Refusal” to

4.2. Refunds are made in the same way and to the same account from which the payment was made.

4.3. Refunds are usually made within 14 (fourteen) business days from the date the Client submits a refund request, but may be increased taking into account the peculiarities of payment systems, the terms of contracts with suppliers or other circumstances.

4.4. In case of cancellation of the confirmed reservation, the following funds are deducted from the Client:

- 6 (six)% of the amount paid - payment for using the payment service, regardless of the timing of the refusal, as well as:

- prepayment amount - in case of failure in less than 20 days for the categories "Lux" and "Off-road" and "Sportkup" or in case of failure in less than 5 (five) days in case of failure for other categories.

Reservation conditions may provide for other conditions of refusal. By making a reservation, the Client confirms acceptance of these conditions.

4.5. Changing the reservation is possible by abandoning the old reservation and creating a new one on a common basis.

4.6. The client is informed that after canceling the reservation, the car can be immediately booked by any other user.

4.7. The Security Service of the Service Providers may refuse to provide the service to the Client without giving any reason no later than one day after the confirmation of the order and payment of the advance. In this case, the paid advance is refunded to the client minus payment for the use of the payment service in the amount of 6% of the paid amount.

4.8. In the event that the Supplier is unable to provide the Client with the reserved car due to breakdown or other force majeure circumstances, the Supplier undertakes to provide another car of the same class or a class higher on the same conditions and at the same price. In this case, the service is considered to be provided in full and in an appropriate manner.

4.9. MyRentAuto service has the right to demand the original and / or scan of the application for cancellation of services with the signature of the Client.



5.1. This Agreement provides for a mandatory pre-trial procedure for resolving disputes by sending claims and replies to claims. The client has the right to submit motivated written claims with evidence. MyRentAuto service has the right to demand the submission of the original claim on paper.

5.2. The claim response period is 30 calendar days.

5.3. Failure to comply with the mandatory claims procedure for resolving disputes may be the basis for the court to leave the Client's claims without consideration.

5.4. If the disagreements between the MyRentAuto service and the Client cannot be resolved in a complaint, they must be resolved in court at the location of the Service using the law of the country of registration of the MyRentAuto Service.



6.1. MyRentAuto Service and the Client are responsible for non-performance or improper performance of their obligations under this Agreement in the manner prescribed by applicable law, as well as the terms of this Agreement.

6.2. The limit of liability of MyRentAuto service (compensation for losses of the Client or third parties) established by this agreement is compensation for real damage to the Client in the amount of not more than the advance payment paid when renting a vehicle. The MyRentAuto Service is under no circumstances liable for the lost profit of the Client.

MyRentAuto is not responsible for the actions of the Suppliers, including (but not limited to those calculated) in cases of non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment by the Suppliers of obligations, as well as in cases where the Suppliers cause harm to the life and health of the Client or third parties. The Customer is entitled to present the relevant claims directly to the Service Providers.

6.4. If the Service Providers do not provide the services booked by the Client, has the right to perform one or more of the following actions:

- provide the Client with the necessary organizational assistance;

- book similar services with another Supplier and ensure their provision to the Client;

- pay the Client compensation in the amount of the prepayment amount.

6.5. MyRentAuto Service is not responsible for the provision of false information by the Suppliers.

6.6. MyRentAuto service is not responsible for any issues related to payment for services.

6.7. In case of violation by the Client of the terms of the contract, MyRentAuto service or the Service Providers is entitled to refuse to provide the Client with the services. In this case, the services are deemed not provided through the fault of the Client, no refund is made.

6.8. MyRentAuto service checks if the client has the necessary permissions to drive vehicles by placing scans of permissions to drive vehicles in your account.


7.1. The Parties are exempted from liability for improper performance or for non-performance of their obligations under this Agreement in the event of force majeure circumstances.

7.2. In the event of such circumstances, the party for which the occurrence of force majeure circumstances made it impossible to fulfill obligations under this Agreement shall notify the other party in writing about them.

7.3. In the event of occurrence of circumstances, force majeure, the term for the party to fulfill its obligations under this agreement is shifted in proportion to the time during which these circumstances and their consequences are valid.

7.4. If the force majeure circumstances and their consequences continue to be valid for more than two months, the parties shall conduct additional negotiations to identify acceptable alternative ways of fulfilling this agreement.

7.5. In the event of force majeure circumstances, is entitled to refund the funds paid by the Customer under this Agreement, minus expenses for the execution of this Agreement.


8.1. This agreement shall enter into force from the moment of its conclusion by the methods provided for by this agreement or other methods provided for by law, and shall be valid until the parties fulfill their obligations.

8.2. The obligations of the MyRentAuto service are deemed fulfilled from the moment the Customer makes the reservation of the Providers' services.

8.3. The terms of this agreement may be changed by MyRentAuto service at any time without written notice to the Client. By committing any action to fulfill the contract, the Client confirms its agreement with the current version of the contract.



9.1. The Client’s performance of actions to fulfill the contract (including, but not limited to, payment under the contract and (or) provision of documents and information necessary for the execution of the contract and (or) receipt of documents necessary for the consumption of services and (or) consumption of services provided under the contract ) confirms the fact of conclusion of the contract and compliance with the written form of the contract and its annexes.

9.2. The confirmed email address of the Client is recognized as an analogue of his own handwritten signature. The Client’s performance of the contract on the terms proposed by MyRentAuto is equivalent to the conclusion of the contract in writing. The Client’s performance of actions to fulfill the contract (or Applications) on the amended terms proposed by the MyRentAuto service may be equivalent to MyRentAuto in writing.

9.3. All notifications and messages must be sent in writing. Messages will be deemed to be duly executed if they are sent by registered mail, fax, e-mail or delivered personally to the postal addresses of the Parties with a corresponding note of the fact of delivery.

9.4. The parties agreed that facsimile and other documents, as well as copies of documents received by electronic means of communication, have legal force equal to the original, if it is definitely established from whom they were received. Moreover, copies of documents received by the Party will have legal force. At the request of the MyRentAuto service, the Client agrees to provide the original document - in this case, the date of receipt of the original document may be considered the date of receipt of the document.