Cookies policy

updated July 06, 2019.

When interacting with our site and surfing the Internet on its pages, cookies are used.

A cookie is a small piece of data sent by a web server and stored on a user's computer. By clicking the “ACCEPT” button in the pop-up window and (or) continuing to use the site, you agree that cookies are sent to your computer or other means of accessing the Internet.

The use of cookies is natural for modern Internet resources. However, you have the right to limit the use of cookies by changing the appropriate settings for your browser.

We, our partners, and also third parties can create and use cookies to ensure the proper functioning of the site, for analytics, as well as for advertising purposes.

The storage period and functions of cookies of third parties are indicated on the date of publication of this Policy and may be changed by these third parties independently without corresponding notifications

How are cookies used?

We use cookies to record information about the session and provide you with our services. We use this information to make decisions about ways to improve our services, simplifying browsing, providing a more personalized service, adapting the recommendations and advertising that you see on our website, and our own analysis that helps us to develop and improve our website.

1. We use all or some of the following categories of cookies on our website:

a. basic cookies. These cookies are necessary for the operation of part of our website. They allow you to navigate our website and allow us to recognize you on our website so that we can provide you with the service that you requested, for example, to remember your login details.

b. functional cookies. These cookies help us customize the content of our website based on your preferences. They remember your choice, your language and the country from which you visit the Site. The information these cookies collect may be anonymous and they cannot track your activity on other websites.

c. performance cookies. These cookies collect information about how you use our website to help us improve areas such as navigation and to help us fix technical problems or errors. For example, we use these cookies to help us understand how you get to our site, view or use our site and highlight areas where we can improve. The information stored in these cookies never shows personal data from which your identity can be established.

d. cookie targeting. These cookies collect information about your browsing habits to make the advertising and content that we provide more relevant to you and your interests. They are also used to limit the number of times an ad is viewed or specific content, and also to evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising or marketing campaign. These cookies are usually placed by third-party ad networks. They remember the websites you visit and pass this information on to other parties, such as advertisers.

The following cookies are used on the Site:

XSRF-TOKEN (storage period - 30 days) - used to personalize the choice of language by the User;

laravel_cookie_consent (storage period - 30 minutes with periodic updates every 30 minutes) - is used to confirm the authorization of the User;

kryptonit3-counter (storage period - session time in the browser) - used to update advertising.

The following third party cookies are used on our Site:

Google Analytics

_gat (storage period - 1 minute) - used to limit the frequency of requests from the user to the Google analytics service;

_ga (storage period - 2 years) - used to account for unique visitors, taking into account the various devices used to connect to the resource. Stores information about the number and time of previous visits;

_gid (storage period - 1 day) - used to identify the visitor and his actions on the site, stores information about the beginning and end of the session;

NID (storage period - 6 months) - stores information for the search engine about the latest searches and user clicks on the ad unit, as well as information about user actions on the advertiser's site. It is used to optimize the proposed advertising selection, based on the context of the visited resources.

The functionality of Google Analytics cookies can be found here:


act (storage period - session time in the browser) - contains information about the time (timestamp) of user actions on the site regarding Facebook;

c_user (storage period - 30 days) - contains a user identifier within the framework of Facebook services;

datr (storage period - 2 years) - contains information about the user's browser, which was used to connect to Facebook services;

fr (shelf life - 3 months);

pl (shelf life - 3 months);

presence (storage period - session time in the browser);

sb (shelf life - 2 years);

spin (shelf life - 1 day);

wd (shelf life - 1 week);

xs (shelf life - 3 months).

The functional features of Facebook cookies can be found here:


The functional features of VKontakte cookies can be found here.:


csrftoken (shelf life - 1 year);

mid (shelf life - 20 year);

_js_datr (shelf life - 2 year);

ds_user_id (shelf life - 3 year);

mcd (storage period - browser session time);

urlgen (storage period - browser session time);

shbts (shelf life - 1 week);

shbid (shelf life - 1 week).

The functionality of Instagram cookies can be found here:


AUTH_SESSION_ID (storage period - session time in the browser) - is used to identify the User session in the Subsystem;

KC_RESTART (retention period - session time in the browser) - is used to identify the User session when the session is restarted.