About the service MyRentAuto


MyRentAuto.com - service car sharing, rental and rental car in Belarus. Simple, intuitive and easy to use interface for selecting and renting a car according to your requirements and requests.

We strive to ensure that our mission was aimed at improving the mobility of movement in all spheres of life and in all areas: less wasteful machines, less pollution, less cost. More sharing, more freedom to (re)move, the more you save.

Joint (temporary) use. - sharing (from English share - share). The global meaning of this phenomenon is the public (social) public transport available to everyone - here and now. Just like the great Lenin said, as planned under communism. At the same time, it is not necessary to be the owner of this transport; there is no need for it.

Using these services, you save on travel, there is no need to engage in car maintenance, you do not need to have paid parking or your own garage. You should not be nervous about the theft or breakdown, the insurance company will take over.
In general, you don’t worry about anything - you just choose the right car, pay for the time you use it for your own needs and go to reduce the distance and reduce the time to solve your tasks.

There is no doubt that this type of service will undergo changes in the future. It is possible that the majority of drivers will use car sharing for profitable, both economically and in practical terms, this type of movement.