Terms of cooperation of MyRenAuto service with rental companies


Why are these conditions important for MyRentAuto?

The psychology of the client (buyer, consumer, user) is such that if, after acquiring the service, he finds out that the rental rate has been exceeded, the client feels cheated.

High or irrelevant tariffs discredits not only the owner of the services, but also the service through which the order was made.

Since our mission is the trust of our customers, which we value above all, we carefully monitor the reliability and relevance of the services provided.

The customer should always be satisfied.

The relevance of the information.

The information you fill out in your Personal Account must be relevant, accurate and real. This is your responsibility to customers, which must be strictly observed. We do not make any changes to the personal account of the company without your notice and consent.

Service prefers only quick booking. If you do not have accurate and up-to-date information on free rental dates, the service puts them into mode - on request.

The system automatically confirms orders for free dates with the right to book and pay a deposit. Therefore, if your car is busy, under repair or in service, mark these days in your Personal Account to avoid double booking a rental.

Formation of rental rates.

Our service should present rates for car rental and additional services no higher than in any other official sources of the rental company (company website, publications on social networks, price lists in the company’s office, advertising leaflets, etc.).

An exception is possible when holding special promotions that are held for a limited time on a small number of cars. Also under this rule do not fall discounts that the rental company provides its regular customers.

Car rental.

The client must receive exactly the car that he saw in the photo presented when making the reservation. We do not use SIPP car codes and orders are not made for the type or class of car, but for a specific car, the description of which is given to the client when booking.

In the event of force majeure (car breakdown, accident, confiscation, etc.) the rental company has the right:

refuse to fulfill the order by paying compensation to the client (according to established norms and criteria),

provide a similar car or a car of a higher class, rented at the same price, but with better technical characteristics. Such a replacement is provided without changing the rental conditions and additional equipment selected by the client when booking.

In the event of a refusal or replacement, the rental company is obliged to notify MyRenAuto service employees about this as soon as possible and no later than 48 hours before the start of the car rental.

These actions should be performed only upon notification and with the consent of the client about the replacement of the armored vehicle.

Preservation of conditions and prices.

After placing the order by the client, the rental price of the car and the services and equipment ordered by it are fixed in the calculator (Account) of the client and in the reservation information in the personal account of the rental agent.

Changing rental prices and related services upward categorically after making and paying for the reservation of this car is unacceptable. The client must receive the service at the price that was fixed at the time the order was created.

Order cancellation.

The rental company has the right to refuse to execute the received order. In this case, in case of refusal, she is obliged to pay compensation to the client in the form of a fine. The penalty is paid through the MyRenAuto service account and is fully transferred to customers.

The size of the penalty to customers during the last 60 days of posting on the site

First refusal - 25% of the rental price,

The second refusal - 50% of the rental price,

Third refusal - 80% of the rental price.

With more frequent refusals to fulfill orders, the MyRenAuto service has every right to disconnect the cars of this rental company from its service.

Customer refusal of reservation and rental.

The client who made the reservation and paid the advance can refuse the order or change it no later than 5 days before the car is submitted. For the categories of cars “Lux” and “SUV” - no later than 20 days.

In this case, the entire deposit is returned to the customer, and the order is deleted.

If the customer cancels the order later than the specified time, the full payment is transferred to the rental company as compensation for the failed order. In this case, MyRenAuto does not withhold any commission.

Instant booking.

Cars are reserved and reserved at the service no earlier than 5 days (120 hours) before the car is issued. However, sometimes meeting customers, we get urgent orders, which we coordinate with the distributors separately by means of communication agreed in advance with them.

Work with urgent orders, with instant online confirmation, is possible after an additional contract with the rental company.

Pricing policy MyRenAuto.

The amount of MyRenAuto service fee for attracted orders is determined by agreement with the rental company as a percentage of the order price set by the rental company, but not more than 25%.

   The fee is determined in the amount equal to the advance payment received from the Client. The MyRenAuto service fee is withheld from the funds paid by the Client when booking the car as a prepayment (advance) by online transfer.

∗ These conditions apply to all partner rental companies with which an official paper contract for our cooperation is concluded.