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How to make high-quality photos of a car to attract tenants?


A few tips to help you take quality pictures:
A clean car is the best form for a photo: spend a few minutes washing and cleaning!

1. It is necessary to take 4 re photos of your car:
Take a photo from the front at an angle of 45 degrees from the driver's side. In the same way the back of the car. Take a picture of the dashboard from the rear row of car seats. Also take a picture of the trunk by opening and removing previously interfering objects. (Examples PHOTO)
Try to find and take the angle of the car for the whole frame. If the photo is taken from a small or distant angle, distortion may appear if the image is enlarged excessively during posting on the site.

2. Brightness and illumination of photos:
Take pictures in a bright place.
If necessary, take photos with the flash on on your camera. In the daytime (under natural light) the sun should be from the back. Do not take a photo against lighting, thereby illuminating the frame. Do not take pictures in the dark (twilight) time of the day.

3. Color and contrast of photos:
If your car is light in color (white, light gray ...), select a dark background for shooting - trees, bushes, a building wall or something like that. If the car is in dark tones (dark blue, dark gray, black), vice versa - select a bright shooting background.

NOT WELCOME: Avoid dark, oversized, and blurry shots. (Examples of substandard PHOTOS)

Note: If you do not want to show the license plate number of the car, cover it with a sheet of paper when shooting. You can also edit, easily blur or delete these numbers using the available software (Paint, PowerPoint).

By following these tips, you will increase your chances of being ranked high in the search results and you will have more time to rent your car.

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If you did not find the answer to your question, we will answer it by e-mail. Just write to